Shark’s Fin Soup Helps the Poor: Is the Fin Industry all that Bad?

SPEAKER: Dr Choo-Hoo Giam

Committee Member, CITES

(UN Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)

Thursday, 16 February 2012
9:30am – 12:30pm
ISEAS Seminar Room II

16feb2012 sfs flyer

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5 Responses to Shark’s Fin Soup Helps the Poor: Is the Fin Industry all that Bad?

  1. sharksfinme says:

    After attending the “Shark’s Fin” forum at ISEAS yesterday, and listening to the points raised by Dr. Giam, Mr. Jenkins and Prof. Oakley, I shall continue to eat stingray, sharks and their fins.

    I believe that the “anti sharks fin group” is being arrogant and presumptuous by trying to impose their food preference and values on Asians and on Chinese in particular. Also their oft repeated bylines that “100 million sharks are finned alive” and that “sharks are caught mainly for their fins in Asia” is fallacious and illogical.

    What is the real agenda for these lobby groups to only attempt to ban sharks fin or to curtail its consumption? Why not also try to ban shark meat consumption, Atlantic blue fin tuna (a severely threatened or endangered species of fish) consumption, and beluga or ossetra caviar from sturgeons (another endangered fish) as well?

    If these same people are really sincere about animal welfare and want to bring up the subject of cruelty in treatment or slaughtering of animals, then please also consider the killing practices in other parts of the world(1) of muslim or kosher/”halal” beef, lamb and chickens, and the treatment of young calves(2) for veal and geese for foie gras(3),

  2. (1) the animals are hung up and bled to death before being slaughtered.
    (2) veal is obtained from young calves which are cruelly constrained in wooden crates so that their meat will be white and tender, due to lack of activity or movement.
    (3) geese are force-fed until their livers are at the point of bursting, in order to obtain the best fatty goose foie gras.