Text of Dr Giam’s speech at ISEAS on 16th Feb 2012

Shark fin soup Also helps the Poor

 ‘’Each year, 73 million sharks are killed primarily for their fins to feed our increasing hunger for sharks fin soup.’’ WWF Singapore

‘Humans kill 100 million sharks a year …and for what?  Shark fins for a tasteless bowl of soup.’ Another wildlife organization

The basis for these statements originates from unknown sources, are magnified and reproduced ad nauseam. No data is given to support this. By repetition and media advertorials, the world is misled into believing that –

  • 73 million sharks are killed specifically for their fins
  • Most of the fins are cruelly taken from  live sharks

Both these statements are untrue. The truth is –

  1. 80% of sharks are accidentally caught
  2. Most fins are humanely taken from landed, dead sharks
Please read the contents of Dr Giam’s speech and decide for yourself if we should continue eating sharks and their fins, or if we should stop doing so because of misinformation.

This is the full text of the speech by Dr Giam, in Microsoft Word DOCx format :-

Shark fin soup Also helps the Poor

Dr Giam’s presentation in PowerPoint format :-

Shark’s fin soup Also helps the Poor ##

## This link is best viewed online using a computer installed with the Microsoft PowerPoint app, or after downloading the file, running it on a PC or MAC installed with the PowerPoint app. Alternatively, this PPT file can also be run directly from Skydrive. (may sometimes be slow, and have to wait awhile for the file transfer to complete, before the image appears on the computer screen).

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Shark’s Fin Soup Helps the Poor: Is the Fin Industry all that Bad?

SPEAKER: Dr Choo-Hoo Giam

Committee Member, CITES

(UN Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)

Thursday, 16 February 2012
9:30am – 12:30pm
ISEAS Seminar Room II

16feb2012 sfs flyer

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The Debate on Sharks Fin continues …..

Did you know that sharks in general are not an endangered species, although it is claimed that more than 73 million of them are caught and killed every year?

What then, has this statement got to do about sharks fin and the preparation and eating of sharks fin? Keep posted for the next installment….

Sharks fin soup

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